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The PQH Group’s detailed plans are backed by the experiences that led us to best set up the phases that coordinate with all of our ultimate goals. We are able to re-route quickly when an obstacle presents itself, and remain on a fixed budget where time is of the essence.

Most importantly, the stages of development cocoon an entire team of people who are best able to work together. Communication and mutual respect for each other’s creatively charged talents followed by the freedom to pursue our symphonic endeavors equate to PQH’s perfect balance throughout each phase. Our projects, ultimately, align and end with the accomplishments we set out to achieve — a modern building with the capacities to keep evolving with the everchanging future.


Completed Projects

11 East Forsyth

Nassau County Historic Courthouse

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PQH welcomes you to reach out to us with any questions revolving around your soon-to-be development projects. For a consultation, please give us a call.