“Good architecture should tell a story that inspires, brings joy, and uplifts our lives.”

At PQH, we believe Architecture is the expression of our client’s wants and needs. Our purpose is to interpret those wants and needs in a creative fashion that meets the client’s expectations for quality, durability, and affordability.

Our goal is to create spaces that make a difference in people’s lives and strive to make our communities a better place to live in.

Interior Design

“Interior Design is about enhancing people’s lives and their environment.”

At PQH, we believe that Interior Design is an integral part of a building’s character and a growing area of service within our firm. It includes space planning, furnishing layouts and finish selections in coordination with the overall building character. Our project experience ranges from hospitality interiors to major commercial spaces, including Educational Projects, Offices, Senior Living Facilities, and Healthcare Projects.

Master planning

“There are dreamers and there are planners. Planners make their dreams come true.”

Master Planning is a comprehensive long-range evaluation and planning process that allows the Design Team to identify program needs, prioritize functional requirements and evaluate creative and practical land planning options to develop an overall vision and plan that provides the foundation for organizing project development including site layout, building blocks, phasing and potential for expandability and growth over a period of time.

Construction Administration

“Following through to completion.”

Our construction administration team is a unique aspect of our firm. Their involvement on projects begins well before the start of construction and includes the review of design drawings and systems for constructability, quality and cost feedback.

With 2 full-time registered General Contractors on staff, PQH is able to provide experienced Construction Administration services and oversight during the construction phase of each project. Our administration staff monitors construction progress, reviews shop drawings, evaluates submittals, assesses on-site changes, processes contractors’ pay applications and assists in keeping projects on track and on budget.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

-Fred R. Barnard, December 1921

Renderings are used as a tool to communicate ideas with our clients and are used to study design options. Renderings also serve as a means to illustrate how a concept and vision will translate into a finished product before it is completed.


“Videos allow us to tell a story without using words.”

Virtual videos allow clients to see their projects come to life in a three-dimensional way by creating virtual tours of spaces before the project is built. Videos allow us to convey how a building will be perceived, both from an exterior and interior perspective.

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