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“Nothing shines as brilliantly as work created with pride and passion .”

PQH Group Design, headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, is a full-service commercial design firm with the knowledge and experience for providing professional design solutions to private and government clients. Our firm is recognized for its service-oriented culture and being a leader in healthcare, education, municipal, and commercial housing design, backed by over 40 years of experience.

Our body of work, combined with a collaborative design approach, creativity, and emphasis on communication gives us the capabilities to provide customized solutions to each and every one of our projects. We pride ourselves on providing personal attention to every relationship.

With the addition of 3 new partners in the last 8 years, PQH looks forward to the future with the same drive and determination of the initial founders. Along with new partners come new ideas, new clients and new market areas that provide the foundation for growth.

Our company is built on reliability, functionality, and efficiency of design while creating concepts that enhance the environment of our community. We take pride in our efforts, and value the goals and objectives of our clients. 

"design is a collaborative process." - pqh


The process starts with listening and planning. Our licensed architects collaborate with the client to determine the wants and needs for the project. Through project and site analysis, a concept is created. Good project understanding is the key element for a successful outcome. 


The creative process and concept is then applied by our Project Team to generate a design that meets the pragmatic needs of the project and the aspirational goals of the client. It is an integrated process where aesthetics and functionality are blended into a cohesive vision for the project.


Implementing starts with the Documentation process. It requires developing plans and specifications that convey how the building is to be constructed in coordination with engineering disciplines. It concludes with oversight and monitoring of the construction process until delivery of the building for its intended purpose. 

WE understand our success is measured by how others feel once the project is completed.

PQH Group is the 6th largest Architectural Firm in Northeast florida as ranked by the Jacksonville Business Journal
PQH Group is Jacksonville's 6th largest Architectural Firm as ranked by the Jacksonville Business Journal

Our Creative Methodology

Founded by Jose Perez, AIA, CGC, in 1982, PQH has evolved into a leading design company with six principles and a strong, committed, highly creative team of experts. With a history spanning over 40 years, our imaginative architects, interior designers, and general contractors are instinctually on the same page, with each uniquely talented gift coinciding harmoniously together. We believe that PQH’s proactive leadership unites our bonded team, along with the encouragement to share new ideas, express our thoughts openly, and work together to incorporate all of the latest advancements in our field.

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Modern. Elegant. Cultured.

PQH Group is recognized as the leader in innovative design strategies, advanced technological project approaches, and superior industry knowledge. 

11 East Forsyth

Nassau County Historic Courthouse

The Ritz

JEA Waterworks Museum/Visitor Center

First Christian Church

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

St. Ambrose Catholic Church

Abigail Court

Caroline Oaks

Mary A. Eaves


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